Summary of the Constitution

The BLM UK constitution requires all new BLM members to be Labour Party members. New members who join BLM must be members of the Labour Party.

BLM members who have been suspended from Labour, but not expelled, will remain members of BLM. BLM members who believe they have been expelled from the Labour Party unfairly, along with individuals about whom membership decisions are taken, have the right to a fair hearing by the BLM UK’s National Steering Group.

Friends of BLM who are not members can participate in campaigns and activities organised by a local group, network or BLM UK nationally, but cannot hold a position within BLM, vote in elections or hold other membership rights.

How key decisions are made:

Key decisions are made by our National Steering Group (NCG) which includes representatives of members, affiliates and Labour public office holders, as well as being elected ordinary members through a digital democracy process. This aims to achieve a broad and representative group to regularly meet and discuss the needs of the organisation while maintaining the membership as the ultimate decision makers on key issues. The NSG is also overseen by a Board of Trustees consisting of 12 members randomly chosen by lot.


1) National Steering Group (NSG)/National Leadership Forum (NLF)

The National Steering Group will comprise:

  •  8 members, four from each of three divisions (a) North and  Scotland, (b) the Midlands, Wales and the West, (c) the South East. At least 60% of the members elected from each division must be women, and should self-identify as Black African/Caribbean.
  • 2 BLM members who are Labour public officer holders (of the UK, European or Scottish Parliaments, Welsh or London Assemblies, Elected Mayors or Police Commissioners, or Labour members of a British local authority).
  • 1 members nominated by affiliated trade unions
  • 1 members nominated by other affiliated organisations

If the 12 members who are elected do not include one person who self-identifies as disabled, one person who self-identifies as LGBT+ and two young persons under 30, then up to 4 more places will be elected to ensure these groups are represented.

All members can stand and vote in elections for positions on the NSG. Elections to the NSG will take place online or by other accessible means, with each member having a vote. Please find details of the election process and timetable here.

The constitution stipulates that the NSG should facilitate self-organisation for members of liberation groups within Momentum – LGBT+, disabled, women and Black African and Black Caribbean  – and campaign for increased representation for liberation groups within the Labour Party. The NSG must ensure that BLM liberation networks have the support to organise campaigns and are able to advise and make recommendations to the NSG/NLF.
2) Members Council:

So that members can directly participate in developing the activities, resources and campaigns of Momentum, a Members’ Council will be chosen randomly by lot every 6 months. The goal is for the ideas, inspiration and innovation of Momentum’s activities to come from the grassroots, and be as responsive to members’ needs as possible.

3) Digital Democracy Platform:

My Black Labour’s digital democracy platform, has been used to consult members on BLM’s submissions to the democracy review. It enables members to initiate and vote on campaign priorities, constitutional amendments or overturning decisions by the NSG. All members will be able to vote online with each member having a vote. Any members who are unable to vote online can contact the National Office to vote via other accessible means.

T: +44 (0)​​7989-621196
A: City Of London, UK

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Black Labour Movement Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales – Registration number 11539618


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