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BLM is a people-powered, grassroots movement. Our local groups bring together like-minded people to organise around community issues and elections. Every group is unique, with priorities shaped by local politics and members’ interests. There are over 30 groups nationwide, see below to find one local to you, and if there’s one missing in your area, why not help set one up yourself? Contact info@blacklabour.org to find out more.


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BLM continues to tirelessly campaign up and down the country to support our cause, raise awareness and improve the lives of those within our communities. through our values.

Successful campaigns usually require a campaign manager to coordinate the campaign’s operations. Apart from a candidate, the campaign manager is often a campaign’s most visible leader. Modern campaign managers may be concerned with executing strategy rather than setting it, particularly if the senior strategists are typically outside political consultants such as primarily pollsters and media consultants.


Why not become a new BLM Branch Sponsor?

Start a new local BLM Branch in your area for effective representation.

The functions and operations of our London head office mirror all other branch locations we have at national level. As extended arms of the headquarters, we encourage unity and cohesion in every city and for any groups of people interested in developing a BLM branch in their local area. We offer a stable foundation of support to make it happen. If you have 10 or more people interested in developing a local or regional BLM branch, please feel free to contact us for an information and support pack.

Once your branch is established, you will be assigned a local /regional link person to support you as a registered member of BLM.


BLM currently has branches in the following major cities and more across UK

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We are recruiting

We welcome you to come to join the team.

Volunteering is a big part of our work to ensure we reach people in every part of the country with our vision, purpose and mission. Volunteers are required for the following roles:

Street Campaigners | Outreach Worker

Our campaigning strategy is ever on-going, and so we are always looking for people to join our campaigning division.

Recruitment Officers

As we expand with each day, so does our members and the back office paperwork.  Efficiency is the name of the other game we like to stay ahead of, and so would welcome your support in this area.   Reach out to let us know if you would be interested in an opportunity within HR and recruitment.

General Administrators

If you have good, strong administration skills with the ability to take instructions, then we'd like to hear from you. Get in touch to find out how your professional skill-set can be put to good use.

Fundraising Managers

Fundraisers play a key role in our organisation; supporting with sponsorship, events and ideas to generate donations. Be a part of the team about to make waves across the country.


The unique honour of belonging to the those of good standing, and outstanding professional prowess, care and love for the work we do here at Black Labour.  this role is not limited to the UK, but expands worldwide, and comes with a range of benefits for those fully committed to our growth and development.  To find out more, simply send us your details for review, along with a covering letter outlining why you feel you would be an ideal ambassador for Black Labour.

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